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Things you can do to prepare for your first session.​ 1. Take Advil or some anti-inflammitory that your doctor approves. This will help with the pain.  2. Make sure you are not Ovulating! This includes you gentlemen! Men ovulate too! No they don't, just kidding! Lucky dudes!  ;) 3. Prepare yourself for the worst pain next to childbirth! It's not that bad at all, it just helps to expect the worst! 4. Know that at anytime, you can pause, stop the service, or communicate your experience. We aim to please, and what you to be completely at ease.    Brazilian Facts  Don't be nervous! Be prepared! 1. Sugaring Studio takes 20mins to do a Brazilian sugaring; but first timers can take up to an hour.  2. First time clients do take a longer amount of time because of multiple reasons. The most common one is pausing for pain. The second is laughing at the fun/painful experience!  3. Sugaring is the least painful way to remove hair, but you are still removing have from the follicle, it still hurts! It's best to expect the worst, so it won't be that bad.  4. It is not advised that you get your first Sugaring when you are ovulating. You ovulate 12 days after your period starts. Your body is more sensitive and the pain is doubled. Please do not come when you are ovulating!  5. The best time to get sugared is, right before your period and after.  6. Can you get Sugared on your period? Yes, we recommend just not on your heaviest day. Wear a tampon and come on in, we are not shy. 7. We use numbing gel, breathing techniques, and hand holding! Please understand we just do sugaring, all day long. So we are the best at what we do!  ​  

First time sugaring & waxing

First time ever, Brazilian's or Bikini's! How long should your hair be?
Hair must be 1/8 inch long at least, please make sure of this before you come in. Usually about one to two weeks of growth. How long does it last? Your sugaring session should elimiate hair for a solid two weeks, then your hair will start to grow back in between the third and fourth week mark. Some people need to only get sugared every five weeks due to the hair slowing down in growth from sugaring.  Does Sugaring stop the hair from growing eventually?
Yes, Sugaring slows down the growth and makes the hair grow back smother and thinner.

​ How often do you need to get it done? Usually every 4-5 weeks.