Please set aside at least two hours for your full set lash appointment and at least one hour and 15 minutes for your re-lash appointments.
Please do not wear any makeup to your appointment, especially eye makeup and mascara. Make sure your lashes are thoroughly cleaned with all traces of mascara removed.
We recommend that you do not wear contact lenses.
Please arrive about 5 minutes prior to your first appointment. This will allow you to complete the necessary paperwork and to prepare for your service.


 Permanent eyelash extensions that are applied individually by hand with safe medical glue. You will be able to retain all normal activities, makeup application, showering, & swimming with your eyelash extensions.

Lash extensions adhere to the growth cycle and shedding of your natural lashes. Maintenance touch ups are done to keep your eyelashes looking full and their best. We use only the best eyelash extensions and supplies in the process.

Choose your length and lash type or ask us what we recommend for your eye shape. Please contact us or check out our FAQ section below for any questions you may have. Enjoy your lashes!

    Eyelash Extensions Pricing Menu

eyelash-extensions12    Full Set $175
    Touch Up - $55.00 3 week        $ 65.00  4 week      $  85.00 5 week
    Eyelash Removal - $50

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​A new exciting invention.

Similar to Eyelash Extensions,  silk and mink individual hair is placed onto the eye brows to create a fuller, thicker eye brow. Eyebrow Extensions are perfect for bald patches on the brow, caused by scar tissue or thinner, patchy brows due to over tweezing.

Importantly this helps Alopecia sufferers and cancer patients who have lost part or all of their eye brows. Eyebrow Extensions are water-resistant and can last up to 14 days and will need regular maintenance every fortnight.

Eyebrow Extensions are recommended for a special occasion, a wedding, special photographs, or event. For constant wear, regular maintenance would be required.

Eyebrow Extensions & Brow Magic Shape: $89
Eyebrow Extensions Full Set: $75
Eyebrow Extensions In-Fill Full Set:$55

Eyebrow Extensions Removal: $18